We recognise that strong financial conrol is the foundation stone of any successful business. Without accurate forecasting, reporting and controls, you cannot guarantee that you are on track to success or identify when changes need to be made. Profitability improvement is best made by being proactive. Beth Mathison has, in addition to university finance studies, 35 years experience in developing budgets and implementing solid processes in both small and large businesses resulting in profitability turnaround of up to 200% in twelve months or less. Most recently, Beth has undertaken feasibility studies for the development of a new tourism development for Cadbury, a major hotel complex and a privately financed ferry service to MONA.

In addition, she has developed numerous budget forecasts for a number of businesses as part of their strategic planning process and has advised on profitability improvement through implementing stronger financial controls. Beth is also the Chair of the audit committees of St Michaels Collegiate School and the Public Trustee.

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