Beth Mathison


Masters in Business Administration (MBA, University of Tasmania)
Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations & Human Resources (University of Melbourne)
Bachelor of Arts (University of Queensland)

Graduate: Company Directors Diploma, the Australian Institute of Company Directors
Graduate: Mastering the Boardroom, the Australian Institute of Company Directors

International Consulting Skills Diploma (KPMG, Melbourne)
Chairman’s Course, the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Post nominals

FAIM.  Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management
FAICD. Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
FGIA. Fellow Governance Institute of Australia

MIMC. Member of the Institute of Management Consultants
MAHRI Member Australian Human Resources Institute (lapsed)


2015 Telstra Tasmanian Business Woman of the Year

2015 Telstra Tasmanian Entrepreneur fo the Year


Beth Mathison is a company director and business manager with more than 35 years’ experience in senior management and board positions both in Australia, the UK and Asia. She has worked across a number of industry sectors including hospitality, tourism, manufacturing and retail and has held positions as diverse as CEO, VP Australasia for the world’s largest Removal and Relocation Company, Human Resources Manager Victoria for a major not-for-profit and Business Development Manager and Corporate Consultant for two global consulting firms; KPMG and BearingPoint. 

Beth is a key note speaker to fortune 500 companies (CBA) and other conferences on Topics ranging from Financial Abuse, Leadership, How to cope with Change and How to Develop Resilience.

Prior to her corporate work, Beth spent 20 years in her own businesses which included a game park and historic house in Scotland, yachting marina, tourism businesses in Queensland and Devon, marine charters in Malaysia and a housing development in Tasmania.

As the Managing Director of Centaur Business Networks P/L., she currently assists businesses with strategy, operational plans, Human Resource change management and associated issues, budget forecasting, business continuity, senior executive mentoring and has consulted to some of Tasmania’s largest businesses over the last 8 years since moving to Tasmania from Melbourne. She currently holds four directorships.

Having worked in many different and varied businesses, Beth’s strength is to be able to understand a business operation within a relatively short time frame and to articulate risk mitigations and improvement options in all areas including Administration, Financial, Human Resource Management, Corporate Governance and Marketing. Recommendations for process improvement have generated consistently higher profitability for the businesses to which she has consulted as well as improving staff understanding of the business needs and values.

Beth holds a number of Directorships including The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and Centaur Business Networks Pty Ltd (Managing Director).  She has been the Chair of St Michael's Collegiate Girls School and has previously held non-Executive Director positions with The Public Trustee (8 years), Comstar Systems Pty Ltd, Cameron Park Pty Ltd, Scotland and the Super Bee Pty Ltd Queensland, the MS Society of Tasmania and HR Workforce Inetrnational (Sydney). She has been Chair of both the Audit and Marketing Committees of the Public Trustee and Chair of both Audit and Marketing Committees at the MS Society. At St Michael's Collegiate, Beth is a member of the Governance and Risk Committee, the Finance and Internal Audit Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee.

Beth was a Trustee of the Collegiate Foundation for 8 years and has held positions as a Member of the Management Board, SIRVA, Australasia and Company Secretary of Cameron Park Pty Ltd.
Her community activities include mentoring post graduate students of the University of Tasmania and Hobart College as well as mentoring Youth at Risk in Melbourne; a group whose charter was to develop self-esteem in street kids, find them employment and continue to mentor them though the change.

Executive positions pre consulting

  1. CEO and VP Australasia for SIRVA global corporation; the world’s largest removal and relocation company of which the largest client of the Australian business was BHPBilliton, global.  Responsible for the transformation and rapid growth of a boutique business into one of four global ‘centers of excellence’.  Established two new interstate branches in Australia and brought them to profitability within 12 months. Major clients included BHP Billiton.
  2. Managing Director of three large, multi-million dollar tourism businesses in Australia and the UK including a game park and historical castle in Scotland, a holiday hotel, restaurants and botanical gardens in Devon.  All businesses were restructured and managed to profitability within 12 months from substantial previous losses. Managed major events up to 30,000 visitors.
  3. State Human Resources Manager, Victoria. The organisation has 700 employees and 7,000 volunteers working in several nursing homes, numerous retail operations and accommodation units. 
  4. Business Development Manager for KPMG Melbourne and later BearingPoint.  On target earning required of $6 million per annum. Major clients include Amcor, Fosters, Toll and Mayne
  5. Senior Consultant with KPMG Melbourne: Executive Recruitment and Human Resource consulting
  6. Commercial Operations Manager at MUSUI at the University of Melbourne responsible for managing a multi-site retail and hospitality enterprise for a 20,000 population and external clients.

Major projects

Cameron House, Loch Lomond, Scotland:  $25 million.
Developed the 100 acres as a public tourism experience and generated a profit within 12 months.  The grounds included a historic castle, botanical gardens, game park, marina, restaurants, and entertainment areas.  Visited by 150,000 visitors a year plus special events for up to 30,000 people in two days.

Higher Leigh Manor and gardens, Devon, UK.   $12.5 million
From a small business, developed a tourism business attracting more than 100,000 visitors per year.  Developments included holiday accommodation, botanical gardens, hotel, restaurant and cafĂ©, merchandising retail areas.  Profitable in the first 12 months. Worked closely with government agencies to attract funding for development purposes and employed young offenders/parolees in re-training schemes.

Super Bee, Sunshine Coast, Queensland: $5 million
Took a small tourism operation and developed new attractions to return a profit in the first year from a substantial loss.  Restaurant, retail, gardens, bee keeping demonstrations and functions facilities. 125,000 visitors per year.

Housing development, 10 units, Kingston Tasmania:  $3.5 million
Designed the units for physically challenged people, project planned, raised investment capital and undertook sales and all contracts.

Recent major successful contracts and grants

  • Identified the need for and managed the tender and contract negoatiations for the MONA ferry service in Hobart
  • Tendered for and re-negotiated a 10 year contract for Navigators with the Port Arthur Historic Site
  • $250K each in TGIIF grant funding for: Mitchell Plastic Welding, Offshore Unlimited and Navigators plus another $425K for three other clients. Total almost $1.2 million in 12 months.
  • Research grant from Fisheries CRC and Abalone Council of Australia for Ralphs Tasmanian Seafood